Microstock Photography

Microstock Photography is a relative newcomer to the world of stock photography. Stock photography consists of the traditional photography marketplace where images sell for anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Microstock photography, on the other hand, is a new niche marketplace aimed at the small business or individual looking for images for personal use.  This marketplace is based on having a high volume of images priced at a very low purchase point, usually just a few dollars.  Microstock has opened the door not only to buyers who could not afford the steep pricetag of traditional stock images, but also the photographer who may not have the knowledge or resources to jump into the stock photography industry.

Chris began researching this facinating area of photography in 2007 and had his first images accepted at Microstock agencies in the spring of 2008.  Today he has portfolios at 16 Microstock Agenices and their numerous affiliates. He is completely self taught in this area, and has created a Guide to Microstock Photography to help out other photographers that are just starting out in Microstock.